Feminist Spaces stands with #BlackLivesMatter

Feminist Spaces writes this in direct response to and solidarity with the uprisings against the state-sanctioned killing of George Floyd and the continued violence around the world which endangers Black lives. We give our support to and stand alongside #BlackLivesMatter. Feminist Spaces is a small network of women from around the world. We contribute toContinue reading “Feminist Spaces stands with #BlackLivesMatter”

The Common Language of She – a poem by Lisa Luxx

Lisa Luxx, queer writer, performer, essayist and activist, joined us in our Feminist Space on the 2nd of July for our second workshop. Lisa crafted a poem for Feminist Spaces. You can listen to Lisa’s reading of the poem, and read the poem, below. You can also find Lisa on twitter: @lisaluxx and here onContinue reading “The Common Language of She – a poem by Lisa Luxx”