Who we are

Our network emerged in January 2019 and has included a range of individuals and organisations: The Racial Justice Network (West Yorkshire) (racialjusticenetwork.co.uk); Women in Exile and Women Together (Kirklees); Kani Kamil (kanikamil.com), Zenebu Hailu; RAPAR (Manchester) (rapar.co.uk); the Women’s Media and Culture Organization (Sulaymaniyeh, Iraq) (facebook/WMCO); Hidden Voices (Kenya); an emerging activist network in Botswana; Candice Purwin (candicepurwin.com); Lisa Luxx (lisaluxx.com); and Kate Smith (on pure/kate-smith), Anna Davidson (@acdavids) and Grainne McMahon (@grainnemcmahon) (all University of Huddersfield).

This list names only those individuals who feel able to reveal their identity. The UK’s hostile environment makes this unsafe for some of our partners.

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