First Feminist Spaces workshop: 19th Mar. 2019

Feminist Spaces hosts face-to-face workshops that bring people together with a range of diverse and allied individuals and projects. These workshops are by invitation only, in order to create safe(r) spaces in which to explore our lived experiences of occupying hostile environments and to articulate some of the opportunities and challenges of creating feminist spaces. We use this time to record and enable acts of resistance to hostile environments – through voice, creativity and action – in order to build a collaborative, capacity-releasing, feminist network.

Creating feminist spaces, 19th Mar. #feminisminaction

Here are some of the images we captured during our first workshop, which was held on the 19th of March, 2019. Below are sketches by illustrator and writer, Candice Purwin, who recorded the events, conversations, ideas and questions, from the day.

our programme

our words

our spaces

our plans

sketches by illustrator and writer Candice Purwin:

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