Exploring women’s lives, needs, strategies and resiliences during the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Feminist Spaces

Candice Purwin, illustrator and writer, joined us for the first Feminist Spaces event on the 19th of March, 2019. Candice sketched our workshops, conversations, ideas and questions from the day, and created this picture for our project.

View Candice’s image here and visit her website: candicepurwin.com

Some more of our work so far

In conversation with… Veronika, about learning and recognising power

I now recognise I can do something Right now, I find myself in a position of power and privilege.The power of my word, access to relevant technology and information.Privilege of education and opportunities connected to the colour of my skin and of living in a democracy where elected representatives can be held accountable. Blimey! It’sContinue reading “In conversation with… Veronika, about learning and recognising power”

Second Feminist Spaces workshop: 2nd Jul. 2019

Feminist Spaces hosts face-to-face workshops that bring people together with a range of diverse and allied individuals and projects. These workshops are by invitation only, in order to create safe(r) spaces in which to explore our lived experiences of occupying hostile environments and to articulate some of the opportunities and challenges of creating feminist spaces. WeContinue reading “Second Feminist Spaces workshop: 2nd Jul. 2019”