The freedom we enjoyed and how I miss the past

This is my reflection of the past and the freedom we enjoyed, and how I miss the past. I have put together some ideas concerning the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.  
Our only hopes of some slight protection seem to be wearing masks, 2m social distancing, sanitisers, being homebound, protective equipment.  
The microscopes and the many scientists trying hard to find a medicine or a vaccination in the UK. 
The NHS, as this is our treasure organisation, working hard to save us. 
People all around are thinking and worried.

* I reconnected with my religion. 

* I felt isolated from family which made me feel depressed. 
* I could not go to shops. 
* I had to que to get essential if they even were any. 
* I could not pay my bills  
* I could not visit family or even go  
* I had to wear a mask lol which made it difficult to breath whilst walking. 


*This woman does not feel able to reveal her name or identity. The UK’s hostile environment makes this unsafe for some women.